BASH as a Modern Programming Language

Consider using BASH, a simple and powerful programming language. In this presentation, you’ll be surprised at what modern BASH is capable of. I’ll discuss how to choose when BASH is the right tool for the job over other programming languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and Java.

Do you work with programming languages that have deep dependencies that take too long for users to download? Does the language’s runtime usually have to be reinstalled by users because the OS comes with an unacceptably outdated version? Is the language becoming too complex? In this presentation, we’ll take a fresh look at BASH.

I’ll also show you BASH code examples for common programming tasks:

Conditionals: simple, checking for a defined value, string regex
Looping: for, while
Strings: assignment tricks, length, trim, substring, substring replacement
Arrays: scope, store, sort, find, iterate, remove elements, associative
Files: normalize paths, read files, write files
OO: functions, classes, packages
SOA: writing HTTP REST API clients, parsing JSON data
Introspection: detecting the presence of a function or a variable
Automating otherwise manual typing tasks
GUI: code UI apps in Bash using zenity

   BASH as a Modern Programming Language Presentation 1

Credits: Jason Brittain eBay Inc.

Jason Brittain is a Software Engineer and Software Architect, author, and speaker, best known as author of the book Tomcat: The Definitive Guide (O’Reilly), now in its second edition.

Jason was previously a Software Architect at MuleSoft Inc. on the Tcat Server product. Before working at MuleSoft, Jason was Senior Architect at Spigit, Inc. where he led a team of software engineers writing an idea management and prediction markets social networking web application for the enterprise.

Before joining Spigit, Jason was a Senior Principal Software Engineer for Orbital Sciences Corporation, working at NASA’s Ames Research Center on the Kepler Space Telescope mission, where his software still runs and is discovering exoplanets (105 confirmed planet discoveries, and tracking more than 2,700 new planet candidates).

Jason’s specialties include the Apache Tomcat servlet container, server-side Java programming, Java servlet web application development and deployment, Linux operating systems, modern shell script programming, building social networking web applications, scalability and fault tolerance, Java build systems, and virtual machines.