13 WordPress Security Tips From Acunetix

WordPress has a pretty poor reputation when it comes to security, so here are some WordPress security tips from Acunetix. The WordPress security perception is mostly unfounded sadly, as core WordPress is pretty secure – as long as it’s updated.

The same goes for plug-ins and themes, if poorly maintained they are an easy ingress for an attacker. The below guide can help you cover most of the main angles to protect your site and includes some fairly advanced tips too.

WordPress sites are notoriously lacking when it comes to security. Be it due to an insufficient security expertise of the developer, or the use of one of the many plugins available (of which the security cannot be guaranteed).

With WordPress running on 1 in 5 sites on the Internet, it is no surprise that they are a very popular target for both experienced hackers and script-kiddies alike. In 2013 around 90,000 WordPress sites were hijacked for use in a botnet. They are also a popular target for malware.

This is why we’ve taken some time to detail some measures which can be taken to address the basic security holes or malpractices that are commonly present in thousands of WordPress sites.

Check out the excellent and very thorough list of WordPress security tips here:

WordPress Security: Top tips to secure your WordPress Application

Provided from: Techcrunch.