@​​POTUS Just Went From Zero To 100K Real Quick

It took President Barack Obama just 24 minutes to break the 100,000 follower mark on Twitter. The new account, @POTUS, unsurprisingly, sports a verified sticker. It was introduced by the White House this morning.

The account, presumably, will be handed to the next president when President Obama leaves office after the 2016 election cycle.

Here you go:

How unpopular do you feel now?

The president follows a total of 65 people, including Harvard University, Chicago sports teams, various federal departments, and former presidents that are still breathing. First three accounts followed? The White House, the First Lady and, of course, Vice President Biden.

Featured Image: Diego Cambiaso/Flickr UNDER A CC BY-SA 2.0 LICENSE

Provided from: Techcrunch.