Amazon Now Lets Prime Users Pay Money To Easily Pay More Money Easier

Amazon Prime has become Amazon’s way of getting cool stuff into people’s hands quicker, to the tune of an annual $99 subscription. You can get packages faster, access video content and more. It’s definitely worth it.

The latest Prime promotion allows members to get their hands on the Amazon Dash dongles, which let you order more of whatever item you want. For yet another extra fee. They were free for a bit with an invitation, but now they will run you $4.99.

If you haven’t heard about Dash, here’s the quick skinny: Need more toilet paper? Put the Cottonelle Dash in the john and give it a tap. I mean, you’d have to wait a while to get the shipment, and you’d have to get up to get it from out front of your house, but you get the idea:

You can literally buy one Dash at $4.99 for each of these brands…so that you can buy MORE of all of them:

Thank you Amazon for letting me pay you to send me something that helps me spend more on things more often. Pure evil genius. It’s cool tech, there’s no doubt about it.

April Fool’s Joke? Nyet!

Remember those 1-click order Amazon Dash Buttons that seemed like a joke? Now shipping, $5 http://t.co/ESptaWKJYwpic.twitter.com/PelLYV5uxT

— Rich DeMuro (@richdemuro) July 29, 2015

Real fool’s joke!

Personally, I think you should get these things for free…or at least a couple of them, whether you have a Prime account or not. After all, we’re spending more than enough money on Amazon if we even entertain paying $4.99 a pop for these little buggers.

Provided from: Techcrunch.