Adobe to Patch Reader and Acrobat Next Week

Adobe is expected next week to patch critical vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader.

The company today gave advanced notification of the impending updates to both products. The patches will be released on Tuesday, which figures to be a busy day for system administrators given that Microsoft will also release its monthly security updates. There will then be a weeklong reprieve before Oracle releases its quarterly critical patch update on Oct. 20.

Adobe did not share many details about the Acrobat and Reader vulnerabilities other than they have a priority rating of 2, which means these are exploitable flaws in products historically at risk but not necessarily being targeted.

The updates will be for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Affected versions include Acrobat Document Cloud (DC) and Acrobat Reader DC–continuous and classic tracks–and also desktop versions of Acrobat and Reader 10 and 11.

Adobe last updated Acrobat and Reader in May.

Provided from: Techcrunch.