Few words about the purpose of digital era:

You are probably aware that our freedoms and privacy are in a state of steady decline while levels of mass surveillance and repression all over the world are increasing. Intelligence agencies have access to corporate information through their data harvesting program PRISM. Those corporations already know a great deal about you, your habits and routines, and can likely give them all the information they need to know exactly where you are at any point in time, and what you’re doing. The situation is not particularly reassuring but with a little caution, discipline, use of common sense and some corrective action it is possible to keep things under control.

The internet is changing and evolving as well as the users do. We live in a time when a significant part of communication takes place over the Internet, to be more precise a substantial part of communication takes place through services of different corporations.

Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Skype only are some of the services which we now use to interact with millions of other individuals. Many of these services are  products of multinational corporations.

Intelligence services are more or less in control of the Internet and general communication. Many have suspected for years that the intelligence services of the most powerful states implement global control, as recently confirmed when the now former NSA employee Edward Snowden decided to go public with information about the NSA global system for monitoring the Internet and other communication systems through Prism, XKeyscore and Tempora.

Edward Joseph Snowden, submitted sensational documents to British newspaper The Guardian and the U.S. The Washington Post concerning loss of privacy and degree of control over information. Thanks to Snowden, numerous “conspiracy theories” now become irrefutable facts.

RMS Richard Stallman (software freedom activist) said “Almost everyone in the world using
proprietary software is also using propriety malware.”


Consider this, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are allegedly a part of PRISM. Do you really think you can trust their proprietary operating systems to safeguard your personal information!? Think for a moment…

Alternative is GNU/Linux which is open source software.
By using Open Source Software you can maintain freedom from surveillance, freedom from censorship, freedom from data retention. Open source gives you back control. (someone bolder could say it gives you back ownership of your life).

Purpose of this site and information it contains, is to present and give resources and tools to achieve and maintain anonymity, security and privacy.

Don’t care !?
What about the amount of time or money you have put into your work and your data.
What about someone benefiting financially from stealing your personal information off your computer and using it in a variety of ways. The sad thing is it happens every day.


There is a book on the subject (still in make up process, should be available soon) that is all for now.